Discover some of the best things το do in Nisyros island, Greece

Visit Nisyros, one of the most beautiful small Greek islands,  with an open heart and an open mind
Take it slow and connect with the Nysyrians. After all, it’s all about the journey: the people, the stories and the power of moments that matter.
Take a deep breath and experience holiday mindfulness in Nisyros
Fragoseco home offers peace and serenity. The energy of the volcano and the stunning natural landscape in which it is located, help you reconnect with yourself and absorb the beauty of all that’s living and breathing around you.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
You can start your day, with yoga and mindfulness practices, to slow your mind and connect with yourself on a deeper level. Fragoseco residence will ‘steal your heart’ 🙂
A walk into Nisyros crater is a once-in-a-lifetime experience
Feel the volcanic energy, of tiny Nisyros island, explore the captivating scenery of hydrothermal craters and lava domes and admire
it' s wild beauty. The volcano of Nisyros is the only Greek volcano, where you can enter the crater and have a walk right onto it.
Nisyros Volcano app, a virtual pocket guide, will help immerse yourself into this unique volcanic field and learn from the experts
the history of its evolution up to present.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
 Flip flops are not an option unless you find excitement in danger. Keep them in your bag, for an afternoon swim at Avlaki.

Culinary experiences! Nisyros… in your plate

Nisyros island gastronomy is a unique journey in local flavors and ingredients and is served with love. Its food charms, include delicacies such as the famous pythia (chickpea fritter), boukounies (fried pork chunks), kapama (goat stuffed with rice), skordalia (garlic potato mash) with almonds, salads with caper leaves and a variety of local cheeses.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
A few meters away from Fragoseco residence, at Emporios village square, two authentic tavernas, set up the best spot to immerse yourself in Nisyros food culture. The one on the left side of the square, has the perfect setting to relax and enjoy homemade food and the wonderful view of the caldera. On the opposite side, a dinner spot with awesome vibes and buzzy ambiance, makes you want to stay all night.

Hiking in Nisyros.. for a soul experience

Nothing helps you connect with nature and recharge your soul, the way hiking can. Blessed with abundant natural beauty and a dramatic volcanic landscape, Nisyros growing reputation as a walking destination is well deserved. A wealth of 40 walking trails -most of them easily accessible and centered upon the imposing volcano - criss-cross the island, leading to every corner of it. Walking to the crater, passing through fertile meadows studded with beehives, admiring a backdrop of soaring peaks and lava formations, visiting medieval castles and outstanding white chapels along the way- all combine for a soul stirring experience.
Let’s create some hiking memories together! Three hiking trails, handpicked just for you:

fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Emporios - Mandraki: You have the choice of skirting the crater, before passing the Monastery of Evangelistria en route to Mandraki
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Evangelistria-Profitis Ilias: The path leads to the highest peak of the island and offers the best sweeping view of Nisyros
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Nikia- Monastery of Stavros – Mandraki: The route continues to Paleokastro before descending to Mandraki, with the option of a detour to explore the ancient monastic settlement of Siones with its frescoed church.

Indulge in Nisyros magic ‘orange hour’ experience

It’s no secret that both sunrises and sunsets in Nisyros are spectacular and transform the sky into the most perfect backdrop. Sure, you can catch a glimpse of Mother Nature’s incredible show from just about anywhere, but there are certain hotspots that deliver this magical sunset moments, you’ll never forget.
We’ve got the insider info to watch epic sunsets, bathed in a golden-orange glow, whether you prefer to enjoy them from a hill, a mountain summit or sitting on a volcanic rock.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Rise up, above Mandraki village, to the imposing Paleokastro fortress.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
At the end of Mandraki waterfront area, walk up the winding track towards Ηochlaki beach. Choose your rock or a bench and enjoy the sunset in peace.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Catch the sunset from the top at Prophet Elias chapel, located on a hill a bit outside the village of Nikia.
Just make sure you make it in time for sunset.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Experiential moments

Panigyri time! Nisyrian heart and soul, on fire… You are all welcome!

Panigyri time! Nisyrian heart and soul, on fire… You are all welcome!

Nisyrians love dancing, singing and living in the moment. Throughout the year, all villages hold their own religious festivals to celebrate the feast days of local patron saints, to enjoy life and bring communities together. Fueled by plentiful delicious local food and wine, ‘Nisyrika’ panigyria, feature plenty of live music, authentic Greek dancing in a giant circle and vibrant energy, that lasts long into the night, brightening your soul. 

Locals and visitors sit together at large tables and strangers rapidly become friends, dancing ‘sousta’, arm in arm, in an ever expanding circle. Greek dancing is surprisingly easy to pick up and a whole lot of fun, so make sure you let yourself go and get into the Nisyrian culture! 
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
It is an experience in Nisyros that you will carry with you, long after the band plays its final note.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Experiential moments

Time for a run experience in Nisyros

Our best way to connect with Nisyros nature while getting fit is running . Running is energy. It’s pure freedom. Nisyros offers a wide range of running routes to explore the beautiful island. A couple of suggestions:
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Run with the sunshine: The route, Emporios to Nikia and back, bordering Nisyros rocky landscape and endless blue, is noise free with awe-inspiring views.
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Sunset running: The route, Mandraki to Pali and back, is an amazing way to end the day, seeing stunning sea views bathed in a golden-orange glow.
If you are an experienced runner, looking to build your strength and endurance, prepare your body for a long run to the crater ‘out-and-back’. Enjoy the ride!
Challenge yourself with a scuba diving experience in volcanic Nisyros
Nisyros is one of the few places in the world where you can explore an underwater active volcano. ‘Even if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try’. Under the surface, we connect. With ourselves, other people and the creatures we share this planet with. Watching the bubbles, connects you to your breath. With every breath, we are connected to water and we discover our ties with the sea. 
fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
Check out Volcano bubbles diving center, located at Mandraki and dive into the wonders of Nisyros underwater world.

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fragoseco Residence | Nisyros accommodation
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