Welcome friends to fragoseco living experience!

It’s all about taking care of you. Creating moments, that turn into unique living experiences and memories that make you smile, dream and return to your soul.

We are Kelly & Chris. Partners in crime😊, passionate travelers, living a wellness lifestyle, while balancing busy careers. Together, we embarked on a back to the roots journey which reconnected us with the warmth of our childhood. The volcanic beauty of Nisyros island and the mysterious charm of Chalkida city. These energetic places, became our family’s ‘breathing spaces’.

In 2022, we gave life to our dream for a cocooning living space at calming Nisyros, away from the hectic pace of everyday life. A home built off love, passion, simplicity and nature at heart. A home that helps us de-stress, living in the moment.

Our ‘back to the roots’ journey, turned out to be even more interesting and
inspiring. A new dream was born. To join the community of eco living and mindful travel, welcoming you to an experiential journey that helps you focus on your well- being.

We 💚 being hosts. Adding something of value to your lives. Premium hospitality & green living lie at our heart. We create cocooning beautiful living spaces for rest and rejuvenation, that bring a touch of nature and relaxation to your everyday life.

Fragoseco name, is inspired by the power of this magical superfood, which we love so much. Prickly pears or fragoseka (in Greek)! Fragosekia cactus loves to grow on well- drained soil. It just needs warmth and lighting to thrive and both Nisyros & Chalkida have plenty of those. 

At the same time, it is resilient enough to stay alive through harsh times and rise again after being knocked down. As we do. As you do. The fragoseco living experience is just the beginning of a new journey back to simplicity, back to your soul. The journey is never ending..



We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Kelly & Christos

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