Nisyros is a unique island of Greece in the Dodecanese Archipelago

fragoseco | Nisyros residence
Nisyros volcanic small Greek island, is "a hidden pearl" situated in between the islands of Kos, Tilos and Astypalaia and thanks to its unspoiled charm, it is shaping up to be one of the most inspiring off the beaten path travel destinations in Greece. It’s a wonderful escape from the crowds of nearby big islands.

From the moment you set foot in uncommercialized Nisyros, life has a different pace.

A perfect place to chill out, relax and immerse in breath-taking natural beauty, which is protected by the European Union ‘Natura 2000’ program.

Let’s discover together, one of the best small Greek islands worth visiting, for quiet holidays and authentic experiences.
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Nisyros Volcano is worth visiting..

In the heart of the island, lies a unique spectacle of nature’s power, the lunar landscape of a volcano crater. The birthplace of a myth for the sleeping giant of the Dodecanse.
The myth goes like this… “Nisyros was born during the Gigantomachy, the battle between the immortal Olympian Gods and the mortal Giants. Olympian Gods chased the Giants, who retreated frightened. The God of the Sea Poseidon was directed by the king of gods Zeus, to neutralize the giant Polyvoti, who crossed Aegean, in an attempt to save himself. Poseidon caught up with him near Kos. With his trident, he detached a part of Kos and catapulted it to Polyvotis, trapping him underneath. That part of Kos became Nisyros and the periodical tremors due to volcanic activity are actually caused by the never resting Polyvotis giant, who is trying to break free from the land that imprisoned him’’.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Volcano
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Volcano
The science of the myth, reveals the story of Greece’s youngest and most well-formed volcano that emerged from the Aegean Sea about 150,000 years ago. A series of volcanic eruptions over the next 135.000 years, gave Nisyros the shape and size we see today. The entire island is in fact an active volcano, with a 4 km caldera. The volcano stands on “Laki plateau”. Inside the caldera, there is the biggest hydrothermal crater in the world, named Stephanos, which is 300 m of diameter, while overall, there are five craters in Nisyros. The last volcanic explosion happened in 1888 and today on the island there are active fumaroles or, as the locals call them, “ksefisistres’’.

Step back in time...The worth visiting villages in Nisyros island!


Charming Mandraki

Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Charming mandraki
Nothing but mysteriously beautiful, from the moment the boat ties up at Mandraki, the island’s capital and main harbor. Stunningly nestled beneath a medieval castle and the lovely monastery of Panagia Spiliani, Nisyros picturesque capital is a lively space, the island’s center of activities and marketplace. Blessed with captivating traditional architecture, a laid-back vibe and a thriving organic food scene, Mandraki can be explored on foot. Stroll around its narrow quaint cobblestoned alleys leading to pebbled squares and admire lovely whitewashed houses with colorful doors, blue shutters and pink bougainvillea-adorned balconies.

One of the most enchanting spots to spend some time at the heart of Mandraki enjoying coffee, drinks, comfort food and nice chat, is Ilikiomeni square (‘Square of the Elderly’) with its giant ficus tree, providing an abundance of shade all year round. Then, there’s the undeniable magic of ‘Little Venice’ | ‘Mikri Venetia’ waterfront neighbourhood, filled with charming restaurants, tavernas and cozy bars, which initiate guests to Nisyros unique island vibe. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the water. No visit to Mandraki would be complete without a walk along its charming seaside promenade.

Monastery of Panagia Spiliani – a spiritual experience

The whitewashed monastery, perched on the edge of a 30-meter volcanic steep cliff, beside the ruins of the castle of the Knights, is a cultural treasure within reach in Mandraki  area and a powerful example of the architectural transformation of a site into a place of retreat, meditation and prayer. 270 steps lead up to the monastery chapel, which is built in a cave around 1.400ad and hosts the ‘miraculous as believed’ silver icon of Virgin Mаry.

There is something mystical in this area, a connection with the Divine. It is considered one of the most important monasteries in Greek Orthodoxy and every year in August, it becomes the epicenter of one of Nisyros most important celebrations - the Dormition of Virgin Mary- which attracts crowds of pilgrims and lasts 9 days.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Monastyri panagia spiliani
Frafoseco Nisyros residence

Paleokastro – exploring the ‘sleepless guard’

On a hilltop overlooking Mandraki, stands one of the most striking cultural sights of Nisyros island, a well-preserved fortress and ruins of the ancient Acropolis, dated back to the 4th century BC. Volcanic megaliths compose its walls, which often stretch to an altitude of 3.8 meters and cover an impressive area of 130.000m2. 

This is a great place to time travel, pulling back the curtain on a different age and realize we are part of something much bigger. From Paleokastro, you have a unique view of Mandraki town and the eternal blue. Lucky enough, watching a full moon ‘little music concert’, makes for an unforgettable experience and a highlight of your stay in Nisyros.

Loutra Hot springs – A dip in nature’s healing water

If you want to immerse yourself in a rejuvenating and healing hot spring experience amidst volcanic nature and sea view, then do opt for Loutra Victorian-era building, located approximately 1.5km from Mandraki. The Municipal thermal baths , which were founded in the early 19th century, are a throwback to another era. The long wooden staircase at the entrance, the old mirrors adorning the corridor walls and the high ceiling bedrooms which are kept spotlessly clean, create a serene atmosphere, which is worth a visit. For the moment, only one of three Loutra's 19th-century thermal bath complex, is in operation.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Loutra hot spring

Arty Emporios…Love at first sight!

Amphitheatrical Emporios, a charming hilltop village at an altitude of 330 meters, overlooking the caldera and the Aegean blue, breaths peace and serenity at every step. Emporios thrived in the early 20th century but after a devastating earthquake in 1933 which caused damages, its residents abandoned the village and migrated. The whole village is built on layers of lava, ash and pumice; there's even a cave at the village’s entrance, that's used as a natural sauna. Today, Emporios, is the true soul of the island, the most authentic Nisyros and a site of signifiсаnt аrсhitесturаl vаluе. Whitewashed houses with flat roofs, narrow winding streets, renovated stone residences, stunning views, neighborhoods in stone ruins but fascinating to walk around, the Venetian fortress of Pantoniki and the church of Taxiarches with its rich frescoes, compose the dreamiest scenery which magnetizes visitors. Two exceptional tavernas, impromptu parties and a modern ‘kafenio’ with a breath taking sea-view, set the vibrant atmosphere of a village which is reborn! Its geographical location, make Emporio the perfect base for exploring the rest of this unique island in Greece.

Nikia, a must-see secluded beauty!

The village sits on the edge of the caldera, offering incredible panoramic views towards the volcano and the Aegean blue, guaranteed to fill you, with nature’s unstoppable energy. It boasts a unique architecture, with white-washed houses, tiled roofs, colorful doors and pebbled courtyards. A walk among its winding cobblestone paths, is a surefire way to get immersed in the village’s charms. All roads lead to wonderful ‘Porta’, the heart of Nikia, an award winning square, which should be on your Nisyros bucket list. It has an ellipsoidal shape and an impressive pebble floor of white and grey volcanic stones and makes up a beautiful scenery, surrounded by two traditional cafes and the lovely church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary.

Nikia is also home to the Volcanological Museum of Nisyros, the only one of its kind in Greece. It is located at the entrance to the village, on a privileged spot overlooking the caldera and invites you to a guided journey to discover the secrets of time and life on earth, taking you deep into the craters.

While you are at Nikia, don’t miss on walking up to the small chapel of Profitis Ilias. It can be reached by taking the road on the right, a few hundred meters, before reaching the village. The scenery at the top of this walk is the cherry on top. The views of Nisyros, are nothing short of spectacular.

Pali, the tranquil fishing village

Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Pali
Picturesque is perhaps the best word to describe Pali, a fishing village on the north of the island –Emporios’ seaport’- which hugs the curve of a natural bay. It is a heaven of peace and tranquility even in the middle of summer and a favorite mooring spot for sailing boats and yachts. 

Pali black sand beach, shaded by tamarisk trees is humble, kid-friendly and ideal for a day in the sun with family and friends. In Pali, you can relax, while strolling around and taste excellent local fish in a handful of seafood tavernas along the waterfront, offering the catch of the day and much more. Noteworthy sites on the outskirts of the village include, the disused Pantelidi Thermal Baths center, with a glorious past (1895-1930) and the Chapel of Panaghia Thermiani, built in 1871 inside the ruins of the Roman baths that once stood here.

Hitting the beaches – just as nature sculpted them!

Nisyros volcanic identity, evident in every little stone, has shaped a coastline of wild natural beauty with fascinating contrasts between the dark brown earth and the blue sea. The tranquil beaches of Nisyros are either pebbly or covered with coarse dark grey to black sand.
A mystical aura surrounds you in, between your dives at crystal-clear Nisyrian waters. 

Just make sure to pack your sunscreen, sun shade, plenty of water, snacks and water shoes for rocky beaches.

 If that’s set your heart racing, here are the options worth visiting in Nisyros island!

My heart belongs to.. Avlaki beach.

It’s a 20-minute drive on a tricky downhill road from the nearest village of Nikia (6km), but once you visit that long-deserted spot, you won’t be leaving any time soon.

Avlaki, the onetime pirate anchorage, offers a mind-blowing landscape, where hot springs pour into the sea and lava sculptures line the backdrop of the seashore, as a gift from the past.

It is an ideal place for swimming in beautiful clear waters, snorkeling and relaxation.

Meditation at ..Hochlaki beach

Located in Mandraki, below the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, Hochlaki Beach with its big black pebbles, can be reached on foot. 

There’s something so peaceful and calming about listening to the sound of waves, gently hitting the pebbles on the beach- a great way to unwind and de-stress. 

This is one of the best spots at Nisyros unique Greek island, to enjoy a magical orange sunset.

Kids love the shallow waters at.. Pali beach

Located in the north of Nisyros, 4km from Mandraki, Pali sand beach, shaded by tamarisk trees, is popular with locals and visitors, kid-friendly and ideal for a day in the sun with family and friends.

Untamed wild beauty of …three beaches in a row!

Pahia ammos
Heading to the eastern coastline of Nisyros, out of Pali village, a relaxing scenic drive, down winding coastal road, takes you to the most peaceful beaches of the island, blessed with dramatic volcanic beauty.

A sense of escapism at ..Lies beach

A secluded beach with dark sand, pebbles and a series of coves, stretching over a kilometer in a wild landscape. At the end of the beach, a café-taverna, is an oasis in the middle of nowhere.
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Lies beach
Fragoseco Nisyros Residence | Experiential moments

Quite and peace at ..Moulari beach

A small beach with coarse brown and black sand, right after Lies beach, which is quite even during peak season. It’s a miniature version of Pachia Ammos, offering a peaceful ambiance.

Free spirit, only on foot at ..Pahia ammos beach

This is the only beach on the island you can’t reach by car, but it’s worth every step of the 15 minutes downhill scramble to reach this unspoilt spot and enjoy a ‘beach get away’. 

Take the narrow footpath, right after the parking area.
Long and wide, this beach boasts deep blue crystal clear waters, dark coarse sand and a bush-and-sand dune area, that makes it a favorite among nudists and free campers.

Did you know that you can get to Nisyros unique island in 3 hours?

The fastest way to Nisyros is by flying from Athens or Thessaloniki to Kos island and then getting a local ferry from the port of Kardamena (10 minutes by taxi from Kos airport). The ferry journey from Kardamaina port to the small Greek island of Nisyros, lasts 1 hour. During May-October, the daily itinerary is quite frequent.

Alternatively, you can get to Nisyros directly by ferry from Piraeus port (Athens) in 13 hours. Make sure you book a cabin. If you are already in the Dodecanese you can travel by ferry to Nisyros from Rhodes, Tilos and Symi islands. Just ask us!

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