Green Living at fragoseco

Fragoseco cares! Green living lies at our heart 💚

Fragoseco cares! Green living lies at our heart 💚

At Fragoseco we believe in a greener and more respectful world. We believe in everyone’s power to do good, to make a positive contribution to environmental and climate protection.

We’ re committed to doing the right thing and to provide a premium hospitality experience to every single guest, while applying means and methods of minimizing our ecological footprint.

Small steps for big impact:

Lower power consumption: Our light bulbs are all LED to limit our power use. We use environmentally friendly kitchen appliances.
➣ Chalkida: Our solar panel captures and converts the sun’s energy, directly heating our water system and reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
Recycling:  We recycle everything we can. A recycle bin is placed under the sink, making it easy for our guests to join us in this vital initiative. Reusable shopping bags are provided for our guests, making local shopping less dependent on plastic bags.
Environmentally friendly products: We use green cleaning products and natural cosmetics with sustainable key ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging materials.
Ethical partners: We support those who have decided to make a difference. Partners who manufacture their products in a sustainable way leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the environment or ‘give back’ and improve the life of local communities:
Sustainability education: Sustainability education: We aim at getting constantly informed about new environmentally friendly practices, raising the awareness of our guests and staff, contributing by any means to the preservation of Nisyros island nature and cultural heritage.
Additionally, for Fragoseco Nisyros residence:
Bio construction: The residence was renovated considering bioclimatic principles, to regulate natural light, ventilation and heat. Eco-friendly primary materials were used, with respect to the natural landscape (volcanic stone & wood) and the traditional craftsmanship rules. Eco paints were used for interior stone walls and wooden ceilings.
Protection of local water sources: The residence’s flat roof, helps in collecting maximum rain water during winter, which is further routed and stored to the preserved underground cistern.
Eco cooling: We don’t have air-conditioning. We use silent ceiling fans, with an elegant design. Stylish iroko wood doors and double insulated window crystals, have been used during renovation, for maximum sound and heat insulation

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